In order to be more successful, the role that the workplace plays nowadays is vital. We believe that intelligently designed offices significantly improve every aspect of a business:

  • They enhance brand identity
  • Attract and retain talented workers
  • Strengthen staff productivity
  • Creates bigger comfort and security


We are a professional team of experts specialized in design with the main focus in creating dinamic, innovative, unique working spaces. Our interdisciplinary office collects and connects knowledge and working experience from Brazil, Denmark, Lithuania, Italy and Argentina. 


  •  Getting the Client's needs
  •  Curiosity
  •  Responsibility
  •  Passion for our work




Establishing the needs of the client.

Before drawing any conclusions on how your project should be carried forward, we will examine your business, listen to your team, analyse your technology, and observe closely the way your team communicates, works and creates their own workings space.

The results will be presented as a report, together with selected references to be analysed and discussed together.


Architectural design.

During the design process all information gathered and analysed during the first phase, will be translated into architectural language. The  result will be a project that will suit you,  and that will perfectly reflect the culture and the requirements of your company. With the use of digital tools, we have the ability to change the layout proposals quickly, researching various alternatives. If required, the orientation of other specialists (structural engineers, electricians, etc.) will be incorporated in this phase as well. 


Executive design.

At this stage, decisions are made in advance in order to avoid unnecessary expenses and waste of time. The executive project garantees that your dream space will come true, just the way we planned it for you. It includes the compatibilization of complementary projects, plus a detailed parts and tasks to be performed. 




With a focus on corporate clients, our consultancy services motivates the exchange ideas in order to create the best workplaces solutions, that suit you and align with the mission and business objectives of your company.

It includes:

  • Assisting you and your company while choosing a property to purchase or lease.
  • Understanding and solving technical and conceptual issues of your space.
  • Introducing new materials and aesthetic concepts.
  • Visual representation, sketches of the final choices.


It is a simple and cost-effective alternative for people who need quick professional solutions. During the consultancy session, layout schemes, finishings, furniture arrangements, lighting and colour options will be suggested. All the recommendations and advises will be detailed in a report that will be sent by email.

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Elisabetta Mc'Kena - Managing Director

Architect and Urbanist (formed by UB Universidad de Belgrano, Buenos Aires, in 2002). Scholarship for post-graduate program IUAV - Venice in science and theater techniques, specializing in set design and costumes. Exchange program at the same university in 2001. Project presentation for DAAD scholarship in 2006.

Experience: Collaboration with the Venetian architectural firm Silvia Bortolini: reform projects and restoration of listed buildings. Collaboration with the office Bridgeport Design Group - headquarters Berlin: urban and residential projects. Collaboration with La Fenice Theatre Venezia - Opera "La Didone" - set design project. Collaboration with Deutsches Theater Berlin - Ask "Wolken ziehen worüber" Kaurismaki - scenography Project. Collaboration with Fondazione Biennale di Venezia exhibition design area. Collaboration with Retail Design Lacoste - Venezia. Member of the NGO Architecture for Humanity - responsible communication area - Berlin. Member of the NGO Architects without Borders in Brazil.

Kornelija Sirmulyte - Design Director

Master in Architecture (formed by Vilnius Gediminas Technical Univercity, Lithuania, in 2005)  and Constructing Architect Bachelor (formed by Vitus Bering Technical Universidade, Denmark, in 2003).

Experience: Collaboration with the architect Leonardo Paes Resende (Belo Horizonte, São Paulo). Residential Interior projects and reforms. Freusa Zechmeister architecture office (Belo Horizonte). Collaboration with the architect David Garcia - MAP architects and international competitions. AG5 Architects (Copenhagen, Denmark). Design and detailing of the Restaurant School "Københavns Madhus" Winner of the RED DOT 2009. Henning Larsen Architects (Copenhagen, Denmark). Office building design Sydporten in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Selected examples of experience in Henning Larsen Architects (Denmark), AG5 (Denmark), PAES arquitetos (Brazil), Bridgeport Design Group (Germany - USA) and Silvia Bortolini (Italy):